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Now available is the online Leadership course "Ethical HEROES" to advance your career or entrepreneurship - I developed this inspiring course based on my book Ethical HEROES - This signature course explores personal development and leadership development strategies to maximize personal and or professional strengths - This exciting course includes several practical exercises and self-assessment tools to explore opportunities for improvement

Considering each student's course expectations and needs the course content will be customized, whether beginner, developing, or advanced. The course structure is flexible and follows the pace of each student - In addition, face to face online coaching is included and the course outline can be downloaded below - Send message to discuss your tailor-made leadership course and pricing!

                                Student Feedback


Dear Professor Hoffman, 


I trust that you are well.


I would like to Thank You for your constant encouragement, motivation, and enthusiasm driving us to do better than what we are capable of the last cycle. 


Your positivity, respect, and warmth towards us students is impeccable 


It will be my loss not to take any more classes with you and not only benefit for the sake of the degree but career-wise. OB was by far the most enlightening course only because of your tremendous support. 


Will keep in touch, 


Best Regards, 

Good Evening Professor Hoffman,

I hope you are well. 

I just wanted to Thank you for the insightful and entertaining lectures. This is one class where I am sure I can apply the theories & frameworks in real life. 

I hope I am in your classes again down the road. 

It was great knowing you. 


Have a great summer. 



Dear Professor, Ettiene, 


I am so glad to have 100% marks as I had dedicated a lot of time work on this assignment. Mainly your intellectual guidance with proper notes. With your support, I am fully confident. We can do much better throughout the EMBA course in all modules for a better future. You are an awesome mentor. 


Many thanks for your kind consideration. 


Your affectionate, 

Good afternoon Professor Hoffman,

I have already uploaded the ppt & the project paper yesterday.

Thank you, Professor, for the amazing course, one of the most enjoyable courses I had.

Best regards,

Dear Sir,

Noted. Appreciating your remarkable efforts and cooperation. It was an exciting course and I wish that I took another course with you.
The lesson materials were so informative and I'll not hesitate to contact you whenever I need assistance.
Thank you again Sir and I wish you all the best, and Inshallah I'll do best in the exam and won't let you down.



Dear Dr. Hoffman,

Thank you for your great support in this course.

Best Regards,

Dear Dr. Ettiene,

I wanted to thank you for giving me such a lovely semester that will help me achieve a better future. The material and databases you have given me will stay with me throughout my life. I hope I can take another course with you in the future.

Best regards,

Good day Dr.Hoffman

Hope you are doing well.Thank you for your feedback. This will be noted and considered and I will circulate to my group. I'm really happy to have Classes with you, you have added new knowledge to us, encouraged us to participate and you have good teaching skills.

Dear Dr. Ettiene,

I appreciate it. It was a great class with you it really opened my eyes to how HR management is very effective in making the working environment fair and employees feel engaged in the company. My company just had a survey on employees’ engagement; if I did not take the HR class, I would not understand the meaning of this word.

Thank you very much for the time we spent with you giving us precious knowledge.

Dear Dr. Ettiene,


Good Morning,


In the last week of this semester, I would like to thank you for all of your efforts throughout the whole semester.

Moreover, I am so lucky that you are my instructor and I am your student. I hope that I will meet professors exactly the same as you in my Ph.D. journey and my pleasure if you are one of them.


Thank you so much and have a nice day and week.


Warm Regards,

Dear Dr. Ettiene,


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for teaching me this semester. I have never been moved to write a thank you note to a teacher before. But that is probably because I have never had an instructor like you.  you did a great job keeping the class affordable by using different ways of teaching. It was very useful to me and most of the students to have new teaching styles. You really seem engaged with the material you are teaching.  

I used to hear about the quality management system at work and I took some courses. However, I really learned many significant ideas, related methods, and strategies from you that will be helpful forever.

Also, I want to thank you for your patience with all students. Regarding assessments, you were explaining, discussing, and clarifying so many topics more than one time. I appreciate that you were available all the time to answer our questions and that what makes you special.



Dear Dr. Ettiene

I'm very happy that you're my Dr. I really appreciated you so much my dearest Dr, honestly, you're the best. Thanks so much for your full support that you gave it to us and I wish to meet you soon and have a great conversation together


Thank you, Dr. Hoffman

Really appreciate your usual support.

I really enjoyed taking this course which gave me precious and valuable information that I can apply in my both professional and personal life. Although initially was worried to take this course as I  heard that it's a heavy course and since I'm alone in the project however working by myself gave more benefits and experience. 


Thank you again for everything doctor 🙂 


Good Morning Dr. Hoffman

I would really like to thank you for the amazing course, amazing way of teaching, your patience, and fruitful information.

Looking forward to seeing you in the future.

Yours sincerely,